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Hope Designs was by its founder, Sabrina De La Rosa – a versatile artist, designer, photographer, and writer. Since our inception in 2019, we continue to bring our creative endeavors to life. At the heart of our ethos is a celebration of imaginative ideas and the power of collaboration.

Greatness, we believe, is a product of great people. Through collaboration with diverse companies, we coalesce creative minds to develop unique strategies that highlight the distinctive qualities of their brands. Our extensive expertise encompasses a wide array of marketing services, including ad copy, photography, advertising, branding, print production, and illustration design services.

We understand that the heartbeat of a remarkable company lies in its people. Let us exemplify our unwavering commitment to your brand’s success. Enjoy the first month of our services absolutely free.

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we set out to create a solution for you

Get to know our range of services, from branding, advertising, media management, branding, designing illustrations. 


Let us help shape your brand narrative and make a lasting impression.


Paid marketing that propels your brand into the spotlight, capturing attention and driving engagement.

Media Management

Create social media content and efficiently manage your social accounts.

Design Services

We craft illustrations and ad copy that perfectly complement your unique style.

I have recommended Hope Designs & Productions to many of my colleagues. They have all expressed great attention to detail and have received amazing communication from Sabrina to achieve a great end result that they are truly satisfied with.
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Kassandra Zuniga
Project Associate

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